Monat: Juli 2018

Zur Epochenaufgabe: „Wir müssen miteinander leben lernen!“ (Freya von Moltke)

Abstract [en]: We have to learn to live together – in the horizon of our common home, our planet Earth. Dreessen investigates in this essay the origins of this epochal task (Freya von Moltke) in response to the prevailing technical renewal and their rationalistic misuse of language. In William James, Rosenstock-Huessy...

/ 12. Juli 2018

General Electric – eine lange Geschichte manageristischer Hybris

Abstract [en]: This article is a statement of managerism for which General Electric (GE) is an icon. At the heart of the criticism is a management driven exclusively by capital requirements, which experienced more than a quarter of a century, a sinister, broad imitation. Abstract [de]: Dieser Beitrag ist eine Abrechnung...

/ 12. Juli 2018