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Digitale Transformation in der Sozialen Arbeit am Beispiel des Betreuten Wohnens

Abstract [en]: In assisted living establishments handicapped persons, adolescents and elderly people are taken care of. With regard of their personal questions they are represented by custodians. Hence, they literally often have no direct decision-making authority. The social care system must be financed and economical questions have to be addressed....

/ 29. Mai 2018

Arbeit in Wärme und Hitze – Bedeutung des Kreislaufes

Abstract [en] Heat is a risk factor for heart and circulation. The core group of vocational medicine within the German Phleblological Association has made a thorough consideration of connected issues, especially now in the hot mid of the European summer.   Abstract [de]:    Hitze ist ein Risikofaktor ersten Ranges für...

Der Zika-Virus in Lateinamerika – Die Gefährdung fragiler Strukturen, top-down policies und begrenzte Handlungsspielräume

Abstract [en] A virus spreads in Latin America and concerns the world – the Zika-virus. But behind are more than health challenges. Also questions how to interact with civil society and how paternalistic states in such a context react, have to be asked. Abstract [de] Ein Virus grassiert in Lateinamerika...

/ 25. Februar 2016

„Kinder sind keine Privatsache“

Zusammenfassung Ulrich Hemel spricht mit dem epd-Südwest über das IfS-Konzept der Familienteilzeit. epd-Südwest, 2013 Download gs_ifs_hemel_interview_epd_familienteilzeit Autor/-en: Prof. Dr. Dr. Ulrich Hemel Dokumententyp: Interview Read More

/ 5. Juni 2015