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Gentrifizierung und ‚Recht auf Stadt’ in Salvador de Bahía

Abstract [en]: After the boom of tourism beginning in the 1960s, people regarded the historic Old Town of Brazil's metropolis Salvador de Bahía as an ideal means for making massive profits. The following redevelopment measures led to a boom as desired but at the expense of the local society from...

/ 10. November 2016

Ethik im extraktiven Sektor

Abstract [en]:     Sharply rising commodity prices and stiffer competition for access to and control of strategic raw materials have put the issue of raw materials back on the international political agenda in the first decade of the 21st century. The price rises and the greater room for manoeuvre have revived...

/ 25. August 2016
Berg Karabach

Der Berg Karabach-Konflikt: Hat der Frieden noch eine Chance?

Abstract [en]: On April 2, 2016 armed conflict on a very considerable scale erupted between the internationally not recognized Republic of Nagorny - Karabakh and Azerbaijan. Since the truce agreement of 1994 these hostilities were without any precedence, both sides bewailed dozens of dead and wounded soldiers and civilians. Although a...

/ 17. Mai 2016
Belo Monte

Proteste zum Staudammbau „Belo Monte“ in Brasilien

Abstract [en]: Brazil is a leading country in renewable energies. Hydropower occupies the main part of the energy supply of the country. Nevertheless, it is precisely the construction of large dam project, as is exemplified by the hydroelectric power plant Belo Monte, which is accompanied by massive socio-ecological conflicts. The...

/ 27. April 2016

Gendergerechtigkeit in Nicaragua

Abstract [en]: Today's situation of women's rights projects in the civil society of Nicaragua is expansive and well structured. They fight continuously against the huge rates of femicides and other forms of sexual and gender based violence. They target quotidian expression ways of structural and gender discriminating violence. These NGOs...

/ 10. März 2016

Der Zika-Virus in Lateinamerika – Die Gefährdung fragiler Strukturen, top-down policies und begrenzte Handlungsspielräume

Abstract [en] A virus spreads in Latin America and concerns the world – the Zika-virus. But behind are more than health challenges. Also questions how to interact with civil society and how paternalistic states in such a context react, have to be asked. Abstract [de] Ein Virus grassiert in Lateinamerika...

/ 25. Februar 2016

Trägerlandschaft im Umbruch? – Entwicklungen bei konfessionellen Kita-Trägerschaften und mögliche Entlastungsmöglichkeiten von Ehrenamtlichen und Seelsorgern

Abstract [de] Die vorliegende Studie widmet sich der Trägerschaft und Verwaltung konfessioneller Kitas. Es wurde in den Bistümern und Landeskirchen in Deutschland und Österreich nachgefragt, ob und wie sich die Trägerschaft der konfessionellen Kitas ändert. Welche Entwicklungen gibt es? Welche Rechtsformen werden für neue Träger gewählt? Ein Untersuchungsschwerpunkt lenkt den...

/ 23. Februar 2016

Venezolanische Kommunalpolitik im polarisierten Kontext

Abstract [en]: Since the beginning of the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela the government has being trying to empower the communal and lowest political level. This process is insignificantly related to decentralization. After the Fourth Republic, Chávez´ administration implemented a clientelistic and discriminatory policy highly connected with the communes. This development...

/ 17. Februar 2016

Brasiliens Herausforderungen im Lichte struktureller Sackgassen

Abstract [en]: Brazil’s Lava Jato scandal is more than just a mere corruption scandal involving alleged kickbacks at oil giant Petrobras. It has snowballed into a social crisis; an economic crisis as the scandal’s impact on investment drags Brazil deeper into stagflation; and a political crisis for President Dilma Rousseff. The...


Kolumbien zwischen Staatszerfall und Demokratisierung

Abstract [en]: Since decades Colombia has been embroiled in a spiral of violence from leftist guerilla, righist paramilitary organizations and state security forces. The everday violence has been led in a dramatic fragile statehood. Drug trafficking, repressive measures against civil society, violence and insecurity, weaken political institutions and a high...

/ 17. November 2015