Sexuelle und Reproduktive Rechte als global ’neu entdeckte’ Menschen- und Minderheitenrechte. Teil 2

Abstract [en]: Sexual and Reproductive Rights developed since the 1980s on a global level as increasingly inclusive concept. Finally, they got the status of human rights. But at the same time, they have and had the character of minority rights, e.g. they protect minority sexual identities. But as far as...

/ 7. Februar 2019

Vom Eigentum 3.0

Abstract [en]: Globalization and Digitalization intensify conflicts over resources and participation. In a world increasingly experienced as finite, the concept of property changes its character. The concept of property, based on the idea that one can attach value to everything in euros, dollars or yuan, is losing its appeal, especially...

/ 24. Januar 2019

Sexuelle und Reproduktive Rechte als global ’neu entdeckte’ Menschen- und Minderheitenrechte. Teil 1

Die Studie "Sexuelle und Reproduktive Rechte als global 'neu entdeckte' Menschen- und Minderheitenrechte. Durchsetzung durch legale Rahmensetzung oder (vernetzte und global eingebundene) zivilgesellschaftliche Aktivitäten. Eine Untersuchung der Fälle Ecuador und Kolumbien mit einem Rekurs auf Venezuela" von Dr. Mario Faust-Scalisi wird durch das ifs in den folgenden Wochen digital in...

/ 24. Januar 2019

Lernimpulse aus der Bundeswehr

Abstract [en]: The German Federal Armed Forces (Bundeswehr) and the German Catholic church both are large scale institutions who as such have some similtarities despite their very different tasks and goals. One similarity is the challenge to acquire and keep the right staff; another is adapting to their changing environment....

Stehende und Sitzende Tätigkeit – Überlegungen zu ihren Folgen für den Kreislauf und Arbeitsschutz-Maßnahmen

Abstract [en]: People have developed over a long period, and sitting was not the preferred posture. The strain of the venous system during standing and sitting work can, of course, lead to complaints and illnesses which are also of great importance in occupational medicine. Ergonomically designed "chairless" workplaces, organizational measures...

Wiedergelesen: „Zehn Gebote für Unternehmer“ (2006)

Abstract [en]: People look for orientation, especially in times of great uncertainty. For example, the digital revolution creates many fears and uncertainties for people in general and especially for entrepreneurs. In this context, the format of the “ Ten Commandments" is a bestseller, a still unsurpassed orientation mark. Because of...

/ 13. Dezember 2018

Gesundheit, Eigentum und Digitalisierung in der Medizin. Überlegungen zu einem neuen Gesundheitsdateneigentumsbegriff

Abstract [en]: The digitalization in the medical structure is ruled by the e-health law and DSGVO. The focus from society towards the affect their data may have changes solid CV’s, questions social agreements and ends up in legal dilemma. Contemporaneous powerful value chains are brought up around the new recourse...

/ 15. November 2018

Das Konzept der Meinungsäußerungsfreiheit in der U.S. Verfassung. Dargestellt anhand von Urteilen der U.S. Gerichtsbarkeit zum First Amendment

Abstract [en]: Freedom of speech is a necessary precondition for democratic public discourse. Meanwhile governments regularly present themselves in the frame of bilateral relations with another state entitiy as ardent supporters of this cardinal right. In order to present its core philosophy, the First Amentment which was attached to the...

/ 18. Oktober 2018

Rupert Stadler oder: Ethik und Risikomanagement bei der eigenen Karriere – Gastbeitrag von Ulrich Hemel

Blogbeitrag von Ulrich Hemel am 09.10.2018 auf dem Management-Blog Read More

/ 9. Oktober 2018

Bericht über die staatenlosen Muslime in Assam

Abstract [en]: A humanitarian catastrophe threatens in the Northeast Indian state Assam, which is hardly known to the public. Four million people, most of them Muslims, have been declared stateless and deprived of their civil rights. Childaid Network's goal is to increase awareness of the situation of the people in...

/ 21. September 2018