El arte como fenómeno político: una mirada a la obra de Ai WeiWei

Abstract [en] This article analyzes art as a political phenomenon, and how this form of expression has the power to affect people’s perceptions of the speech, the power of the media and activism. In order to achieve this, the research will focus on Ai WeiWei’s work. The purpose of this...

/ 26. Februar 2018

Grenzen als Orte der Verbindung – der Einfluss breit zugänglicher Infrastruktur

Abstract [en] Borders are places of exchanges but of separation, too. In many cases the perspective in media or from far away shows a different picture of the situation at a specific border, than you can experience at the border itself. This will be shown and discussed here looking at...

/ 26. Februar 2018

Mehr Finanzprofis in Bistümern – Interview mit Ulrich Hemel beim NDR Info am 19.02.2018

  Interview mit Ulrich Hemel bei NDR-info am 19. Februar 2018   Read More

/ 26. Februar 2018

Was Digitalisierung mit christlicher Unternehmensführung zu tun hat

Abstract [en]  Companies need to deploy creativity, diversity and agility in order to meet the manifold challenges associated with digitalization. Leadership in a Christian sense is a key enabler in this respect. Corporate leadership based on Christian principles provides teams with the necessary freedom and support to move from a...

Human Resources

Die Digitale Transformation als Chance für einen Bedeutungsgewinn der Human Resources-Funktion

Abstract [en] Prosperity and justice will be more and more connected to the advancing digitization in the future. Business models and the world of work necessary for their realization are already under extensive change. In this context, there is a chance for the HR function to redetermine. In the past,...

/ 26. Februar 2018

Sustainability Mainstreaming im Finanzdienstleistungsbereich

Abstract [en] Sustainability mainstreaming in the financial sector is the most important precondition for an economic paradigm shift from the destructive and unsightly profit maximization to the common welfare orientation under human conditions. It means mandatory compliance with the prevailing normative achievements of society and voluntary contributions to the vision...

/ 26. Januar 2018

Bitcoin or the environment: you choose

Abstract [en] People are turning their attention towards digitization: whether it is artificial intelligence, the Internet of things, big data or industry 4.0, the world as we know it is digitally transforming itself. In spite of that, the impact on the environment of such a transformation is a topic seldom...

/ 19. Dezember 2017

Wie ein peruanischer Bauer das Recht verändern könnte – OLG Hamm erhebt Beweis über Klimawandelfolgen

Abstract [en] A farmer from Peru sues RWE. Thereby, the consequences of climate change become a question of liability law. According to Felix Ekardt, this could change private and criminal law – and lead to a fundamental change of thinking in business and politics.   Abstract [de] Ein Bauer aus...

Anne Häseker

Vita Anne Häseker arbeitet seit März 2017 als freie Mitarbeiterin für das Institut für Sozialstrategie, im Januar 2018 übernahm sie zudem die Geschäftsführung. Im Kontext des Themenschwerpunktes 2017 und der Fachtagung ‚Interreligiöse Kompetenz‘ in Tübingen verfasste sie die Begriffsbestimmung ‚Was bedeutet interkulturelle, was bedeutet interreligiöse Kompetenz?‘ Neben der Aktualisierung des...

/ 8. Dezember 2017