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Vom Eigentum 3.0

Abstract [en]: Globalization and Digitalization intensify conflicts over resources and participation. In a world increasingly experienced as finite, the concept of property changes its character. The concept of property, based on the idea that one can attach value to everything in euros, dollars or yuan, is losing its appeal, especially...

/ 24. Januar 2019

What is Digital Fairness?

Abstract [en]: 1. Respect for Informational Self Determination, 2. Digital Reciprocity, 3. Transparency, 4. Traceability, 5. Regulated Expiration Date, 6. Regulated Escalation, 7. Digital Credibility November 2016 What is Digital Fairness? Seven Theses from the Standpoint of Car Customers get pdf: What is Digital Fairness? German Version: Click here. #1...

/ 22. November 2016

Was heißt eigentlich digitale Fairness?

Abstract [de]: Achtung vor informationeller SelbstbestimmungDigitale ReziprozitätTransparenzRückverfolgbarkeitGeregeltes VerfallsdatumGeregelte EskalationDigitale Glaubwürdigkeit November 2016 Was heißt eigentlich digitale Fairness? Sieben Thesen get pdf: Was heißt digitale Fairness? Hier finden Sie die englische Version. 1. Achtung vor informationeller Selbstbestimmung Grundgedanke: Grundgedanke ist das Recht auf Eigentum an den eigenen Daten. Wer also...

/ 10. November 2016