Schlagwort: Ethik

Ethische Reflexionen im Spiegel des Digitalen Zeitalters

Abstract [en]: In the age of digitization, a huge transformation process is taking place. The example of smartphone users illustrates what can be expected: numbers of users will rise to 3.1 billion in 2021 [1].  The change brings with it new, unforeseeable opportunities, but also risks of a scale not...

/ 1. April 2019

Angst vor Kontrollverlust in einer veränderten Welt

Abstract [en]: In a world with an enormous speed of change, people are exposed to fears of losing control over their own lives. For the origins of populist movements, the feeling of “loss of control” shows better empirical evidence than some economic and political arguments such as a rising gap...

/ 28. Februar 2019

Rupert Stadler oder: Ethik und Risikomanagement bei der eigenen Karriere – Gastbeitrag von Ulrich Hemel

Blogbeitrag von Ulrich Hemel am 09.10.2018 auf dem Management-Blog Read More

/ 9. Oktober 2018

Ehrlich währt am längsten? – Denkste!

Abstract [de]: Muss eigentlich das, was ich denke, immer übereinstimmen mit dem was ich sage? Oder sollte das, was ich sage, ehrlich übereinstimmen mit meinen Werten? Das kann ein deutlicher Widerspruch sein. Es kann durchaus sein, dass ich, um deckungsgleich mit meinen Werten zu handeln, genau das nicht sage, was ich...

/ 20. September 2018

Gute Rendite und gute Resultate – Was bietet der Markt kirchlichen Institutionen an nachhaltigen, ethischen Investments?

Abstract (en): Church institutions want to ensure that their financial investments are consistent with the values that they live by. Financial assets provide funds for economic activities that shall meet the requirements of the investors. Sustainability stands in focus, a retentive use of resources and environment, in respect of human...


Digitale Transformation in der Sozialen Arbeit am Beispiel des Betreuten Wohnens

Abstract [en]: In assisted living establishments handicapped persons, adolescents and elderly people are taken care of. With regard of their personal questions they are represented by custodians. Hence, they literally often have no direct decision-making authority. The social care system must be financed and economical questions have to be addressed....

/ 29. Mai 2018
Human Resources

Die Digitale Transformation als Chance für einen Bedeutungsgewinn der Human Resources-Funktion

Abstract [en] Prosperity and justice will be more and more connected to the advancing digitization in the future. Business models and the world of work necessary for their realization are already under extensive change. In this context, there is a chance for the HR function to redetermine. In the past,...

/ 26. Februar 2018

Ethik im extraktiven Sektor

Abstract [en]:     Sharply rising commodity prices and stiffer competition for access to and control of strategic raw materials have put the issue of raw materials back on the international political agenda in the first decade of the 21st century. The price rises and the greater room for manoeuvre have revived...

/ 25. August 2016

Gibt es eine ethisch-religiöse Globalisierung?

Abstract [de]: Wir leben in einer Welt, die immer mehr zusammen wächst. Gleichzeitig reichen Konflikte wie in der Ukraine, in Syrien und in Nigeria bis vor unsere Haustür: Durch die mediale Kommunikation, aber auch ganz hautnah durch das Phänomen der weltweiten Migration. Religion und Religionen spielen dabei eine große, aber...

/ 17. September 2015

Ethik und höhere Preise

Abstrakt [en] Nowadays, Pricing is strongly influenced by the willingness to pay of customers. In this context, the moral reputation of a corporation is of high significance. In the end, one supports rather the “good ones”, even though one might have to pay more for their goods. Professor Hemel explains...

/ 25. Juli 2010