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Gute Rendite und gute Resultate – Was bietet der Markt kirchlichen Institutionen an nachhaltigen, ethischen Investments?

Abstract (en): Church institutions want to ensure that their financial investments are consistent with the values that they live by. Financial assets provide funds for economic activities that shall meet the requirements of the investors. Sustainability stands in focus, a retentive use of resources and environment, in respect of human...


General Electric – eine lange Geschichte manageristischer Hybris

Abstract [en]: This article is a statement of managerism for which General Electric (GE) is an icon. At the heart of the criticism is a management driven exclusively by capital requirements, which experienced more than a quarter of a century, a sinister, broad imitation. Abstract [de]: Dieser Beitrag ist eine Abrechnung...

/ 12. Juli 2018

Quality Education, UN Sustainable Development Goals and the financial sector. The traditional financial sector, FinTechs and their contribution to the attainment of the UN-SDG Nr. 4

Abstract [en]: Framed by the context of globalization and digitization, quality education has to entail digital and financial literacy as key components purporting statistical thinking. Quoting H.G. Well: “the ability to deal with risk and uncertainty will be as necessary for efficient citizenship in a modern technological world as the...

Mehr Finanzprofis in Bistümern – Interview mit Ulrich Hemel beim NDR Info am 19.02.2018

  Interview mit Ulrich Hemel bei NDR-info am 19. Februar 2018   Read More

/ 26. Februar 2018

Sustainability Mainstreaming im Finanzdienstleistungsbereich

Abstract [en] Sustainability mainstreaming in the financial sector is the most important precondition for an economic paradigm shift from the destructive and unsightly profit maximization to the common welfare orientation under human conditions. It means mandatory compliance with the prevailing normative achievements of society and voluntary contributions to the vision...

/ 26. Januar 2018

Eurobonds 2.0 – Wege aus der organisierten Verantwortungslosigkeit

Abstract [de] Auch wenn die europäische Schulden- und Finanzkrise angesichts neuer globaler Herausforderungen weitgehend aus den Medien verschwunden ist, steht die EU noch immer vor gewaltigen Herausforderungen. Durch eine Einführung von „Eurobonds 2.0“ könnte die finanzielle Stabilität wie auch der politische Zusammenhalt des Staatenverbundes gestärkt werden.   Februar 2016 Eurobonds...

/ 23. Februar 2016