Schlagwort: Nachhaltigkeit

Sustainability Mainstreaming im Finanzdienstleistungsbereich

Abstract [en] Sustainability mainstreaming in the financial sector is the most important precondition for an economic paradigm shift from the destructive and unsightly profit maximization to the common welfare orientation under human conditions. It means mandatory compliance with the prevailing normative achievements of society and voluntary contributions to the vision...

/ 26. Januar 2018

Die UN Sustainable Development Goals – Ein Auftrag an die Zivilgesellschaft?

Abstract [en] Regarding the direction of global development there are aims agreed upon by the UN and therefore by the countries of the planet. These are the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs.). These 17 Goals should be achieved until 2030. But what ist he link and connection between the SDGd? And...

/ 6. November 2017