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Zur Epochenaufgabe: „Wir müssen miteinander leben lernen!“ (Freya von Moltke)

Abstract [en]: We have to learn to live together – in the horizon of our common home, our planet Earth. Dreessen investigates in this essay the origins of this epochal task (Freya von Moltke) in response to the prevailing technical renewal and their rationalistic misuse of language. In William James, Rosenstock-Huessy...

/ 12. Juli 2018

Mehr Finanzprofis in Bistümern – Interview mit Ulrich Hemel beim NDR Info am 19.02.2018

  Interview mit Ulrich Hemel bei NDR-info am 19. Februar 2018   Read More

/ 26. Februar 2018

Anmerkungen zur Steuerungslogik der Kirchenentwicklung

Abstract [en] The Catholic church undergoes a radical change process. It has to find a way to reach people in postmodern society with its message more deeply, and to be more effective. At the same time there are less and less resources to faith those Herkulean tasks. While a new...

Spiritualität in der unternehmerischen Führungsaufgabe

Abstract [en] Speaking of moral leadership, one often uses general principles, such as a code of conduct, as a guideline. They exist business-internally as well as globally like the Global Compact. The problem is that their practicability is generally constricted because of their superficiality. Managers need an explicit footing when...

/ 22. Februar 2010