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Mehr Finanzprofis in Bistümern – Interview mit Ulrich Hemel beim NDR Info am 19.02.2018

  Interview mit Ulrich Hemel bei NDR-info am 19. Februar 2018   Read More

/ 26. Februar 2018

Was bedeutet interkulturelle, was bedeutet interreligiöse Kompetenz? – Ein Literaturbericht

Abstract [en] In the „Definition: Interreligious Competence – Intercultural Competence“ concepts are introduced to this from the departments like the religious educational theory and intercultural educational theory/social work. Thus occurs from religious-educational perspective beside religious competence also the representation of interreligious competence and intercultural competence of different authors. The latter...

/ 19. Mai 2017

Anmerkungen zur Steuerungslogik der Kirchenentwicklung

Abstract [en] The Catholic church undergoes a radical change process. It has to find a way to reach people in postmodern society with its message more deeply, and to be more effective. At the same time there are less and less resources to faith those Herkulean tasks. While a new...

Traum Gottes, Albtraum der Menschen? – Theologie der Stadt

Abstract [en] Christian theology has a voice of its own beyond the rich contributions coming from psychology, sociology, behavioural sciences and others. This also refers to sacred times and places which include the city, seen as “Babel” (Gen 11) and place of moral destruction as well as “heavenly Jerusalem” (Apocalpyse...

/ 22. November 2016