Schlagwort: Wirtschaftsethik

Menschenwürde und Unternehmertum. Die Konkretisierung von „Global Compact“ durch eine Neufundierung der Wirtschaftsethik

Abstract [en] The public mistrust towards business has increased immensely – the call for CSR is becoming louder. But what could corporate responsibility refer to? Evidently, one must look at business and society holistically to answer this question. Given a globalized and pluralistic world, human dignity is an adequate foundation...

/ 11. Februar 2010

Wert und Werte

Abstract [en]: Is the world of business compatible with Christian values? Both are not just compatible, they are intrinsically tied to each other, states Professer Hemel in his speech to the CJD in Bonn (Germany). After all, every business is a cooperation of different people and, therefore, a social community...

/ 18. März 2009